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Napoli Dls Kits 2022

 Napoli Dream League Soccer kits 2022

On this occasion we will share the Dls kits 22 Napoli which we summarize below.

Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli (commonly referred to simply as Napoli), is an Italian football club based in Naples, Campania. Their uniform is sky blue, so they are nicknamed the Azzurri (Blue).

Dls kit 22 Napoli Home

Dls kit 2022 Napoli

Napoli Dream League Soccer kits 2022 Away

Napoli Dls kit

Napoli have released their home jersey for the upcoming 2014/2015 season. Not many designs have changed, only this time Napoli displayed two sponsor logos on its new jersey.

As reported by Football-Italy (26/7), Napoli's new costume design still carries the color of their pride, Light Blue. In this design, Napoli also has a larger collar than the previous season.

Napoli decided to put two sponsor logos on the front of their jersey following the regulations that had just been made by the Italian League. Because now Serie A allows competing clubs to put more than one sponsor on their jersey.

However Napoli can not put two sponsor logos in the Champions League. They will only install two sponsors in friendly matches, Serie A and Coppa Italia.

Dls kit 22 napoli

Napoli Logo DLS KITS 2022

Logo bola napoli

Logo napoli

Dls kits logo

That's the dls kits 22 Napoli that we can share, follow this website for the next kits update.

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